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This section of the site is intended for teachers looking for different ideas on how to integrate technology into their teaching.  If you don’t have a technology in mind, this a good place to start.

You don’t have to start from scratch with technology.  One of the easiest ways of increasing technology use in a course is to take an existing assignment, task or unit and find ways to use technology to enhance the learning experience and student engagement.

A note on categorization:

The ideas are separated into several categories depending on what area you wish to focus on.

  • Student Product – technology-based  assignments and projects.  These ideas are for final products that are made with technology – videos, websites, presentations, etc.
  • Student Process – technology to help with research, rough drafts, organization, group work and other parts of the product development but are not the end product
  • Teacher Product – technology to use in the delivery of lessons, class materials and blended learning environments.  These ideas include lesson resources, presentation materials, websites etc.
  • Teacher Process – technology that helps teachers gather, sort and organize materials, student work and student communication


The Idea Grid